Lug Bolt Acorn Seat (17mm Hex) 14mm x 1.50 x 39mm Black

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  • Lug Bolt Acorn Seat (17mm Hex) 14mm x 1.50 x 39mm Black


Lug Bolts can be commonly found in applications of many European cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and VW where the vehicles have been designed to use Lug Bolts instead of more commonly used Studs and Lug Nuts.

Find the perfect lug bolt for your vehicle by choosing from the follow specifications:

Seat Style - Conical/Tapered or Ball/Round
Drive - Hex (size), Car Spline, Truck Spline and Tuner Car (SocketLug)

All Coyote Accessories lug bolts are forged, not cut from bar stock. Forging allows for better mechanical properties and consistent quality. Our threads are rolled (forged) onto the bolt, not cut like most of our competitors.

All Coyote Accessories Lug Bolts are made of 1045 Carbon Steel and Heat Treated to 10.9 grade. Carbon Steel is an alloy known for its very good form-ability, comparatively high strength, and a very good surface finish. 10.9 Grade is selected for its high Tensile Strength and excellent mechanical properties. In comparison, 10.9 Grade has a tensile strength of approximately 160,000 psi, 9.8 Grade 131,000 psi, and 8.8 Grade 120,500 psi.

Coyote Accessories lug bolt finishes are corrosion tested using a 48 hour salt spray.

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